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I’m broke; Hence the cheapest WordPress website with no host, also sorry if the photographs take a long time to load… no money is getting the better of me in this capitalistic world, help me fight the big guy x

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Mainly work with Canon DSLR cameras, use the Canon 80D for videography. Also use complimentary equipment i.e. tripod, monopod, DJI Ronin S gimbal stabiliser etc. etc.

Also have experience using Canon 5D Mark III for photography with 24-70mm & 70-200mm.

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Follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you can be arsed. Not a huge Social Media guy, but this digital age is forcing my hand.

About Me

Main goal is to make my mum proud.

No actually my main goal is to become a filmmaker, doing that is how I’ll make her proud.

Achieved a first class degree in Business Information Technology from University of Salford.

Work at Currys PC World at the moment alongside doing freelance wedding videography.

I just want to tell stories through imagery and videography.


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